Our Mission

To encourage and promote the oil and gas industry to students from engineering, commerce, IT and data science disciplines. We aim to bridge the gap between university and the industry by facilitating the development of students to create future leaders.


SPE UWA is a student chapter of the world's largest individual member organisation - The Society of Petroleum Engineers International, which serves managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. The Society of Petroleum Engineers is a worldwide organisation of over 140,000 members across the globe, including over 230 student chapters. 

The University of Western Australia chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE UWA) represents students from UWA who are interested in pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry.  SPE UWA members are provided with industry exposure and leadership skills that will prepare them for the transition to the work place. We provide our student members access to educational, social and career opportunities through our range of events that are run during the year. 

SPE UWA is mindful that the Oil and Gas industry is becoming more multi-disciplinary than ever. Information technology and other emerging innovations are having a greater influence in the landscape of oil and gas exploration, development, production, transport and sales. As a result, in addition to encouraging and enabling the exchange of technical knowledge and professional development, we are expanding our focus to promote collaboration and information sharing between a wider variety of disciplines at UWA. 

Our vision for 2017 is to increase the quantity, quality and variety of events to equip our members with the skills and opportunities to enter the oil and gas industry, whilst encouraging increased multi-disciplinary collaboration.