Technical Courses

SPE UWA invite various companies to present students with technical training to further develop their understanding of the industry. These technical courses provide a deeper insight into the direct operations of the Oil and Gas industry. The aim of these series is to develop a greater understanding of how theoretical knowledge is applied in the Oil and Gas industry. 

Schlumberger Technical Series 

The Schlumberger Technical Series is an initiative sponsored and run by professionals from Schlumberger, with master classes relating to drilling and well placements in the Oil and Gas industry. 

2016 Edition

In 2016, SPE UWA hosted the Schlumberger Technical Series, consisting of 2 presentations held over 2 weeks. Students were able to gain a unique insight into drilling and blowouts, as well as the evolution of well placement and how technologies have evolved over time. 

DOF Subsea Technical Series

DOF Subsea combine their expertise and innovative technology to deliver integrated subsea solutions to the offshore Oil and Gas industry.

2016 Edition

Over a series of 3 weeks, DOF Subsea visited UWA and provided technical insight on life on a long term IRM project, FPSO mooring replacement, and saturation diving relating to the Goro Nickel project off New Caledonia.